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Autumnwatch presentersAutumnwatch is presented by Bill Oddie, Kate Humble and Simon King. It is the Autumnal version of “Springwatch” and is a two week focus on wildlife in the UK. The programme has now become an annual event encouraging people to monitor the species of birds and other species and plant a tree parties. Bill and Kate are at the Martin Mere Wildfowl centre in Burscough in Lancashire, whilst Simon’s reports from all around the country.

In tonight’s episode, we were given an update on two families of animals that were featured on Springwatch – the Heligan barnowl chicks that were raised by their mother (they had now grown up into beautiful birds) and the Chipshop foxes and their cubs who were still living in Glasgow (although one of the cubs had been run over).

The programme featured:

  • “Deer Diary” – examining deer during the rutting (mating) season on the Island of Rhum. There was a battle for supremacy between young stag Percy and the much older Caesar (who had fathered many deer).
  • The spotting of Wild Boar in the New Forest (the boar have been extinct in the UK for at least 300 years).
  • The devastating effect of flooding not only on the landscape but also on the mating season for birds (as the floods occurred during the Spring).
  • The catching, tagging and weighing of Hooper swans who spent summer in Iceland. Each swan’s bill is unique.
  • A focus on 4 beavers (not usually seen in the UK) who have been introduced to the Martin Mere site.

The cameramen on Autumnwatch are adept at taking unique shots –e.g. a close up of a Kingfisher and a mole in daylight above ground. The programme is inspiring and gives views of wildlife which would be otherwise unseen.

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  1. cheryl says:

    Dear Kate and co.
    My husband has seen a Buzzard today 2 miles up the road to where we live.
    He saw one just before Christmas in the same field.
    Is this unusual in Essex. We are not far from the River Thames which maybe
    why my husband nearly crashed our Motorhome when he saw one in Kent virtually
    opposite from where we live, please excuse the pun but that as the crow flies it can only be 10 to 15 miles apart that he saw it.
    The date today is 24 02 2010
    Mant Thanks
    Cheryl Spindley