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Peter Serafinowicz as Michael-6The Peter Serafinowicz Show is one of the “Thursday Night is Comedy Night” shows on BBC2 and is written by Peter and his brother James. The show is a series of comedy sketches from the talented Liverpudlian, who does a great impersonation of Terry Wogan (as demonstrated on the Jonathan Ross show) and provided the voice for Darth Maul. He has also had varied acting roles, in Spaced and Murder Most Horrid, amongst others.

The programme is the first series for Peter Serafinowicz.  Comedy sketch shows are largely absent from our TV screens and it takes a little getting used to, as Peter dons various wigs and guises and goes into character. The show parodies various TV programmes and adverts. The first show in the series had a parody advert of a household cleaning product (Cillit Bang), that got dishes sparkling clean but broke them (as if a bullet had been fired at them).  His regular characters include an actor giving a master class (this week it was Marlon Brando as a cross between a huge slug and Jabba the Hut); the TV newsreader who reads out regular captions to the news and a bell rings when he gets the right story and Michael-6, a robotic man who regularly goes into overdrive on a Jeremy Kyle-type of show.

There is also a sketch based on a popular shopping channel programme which has had one of the hosts as a vampire. He also stars as a blonde and perma-tanned presenter Kennedy St. King,  of O! News (clearly a mickey-take of Hollywood gossip programme E! News).  Peter also does a great impersonation of Simon Cowell giving contestants his opinion on X-factor.

The programme is a bit of a grower but should do well – if only you could pronounce Peter’s surname!

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