Comedy Showcase: Free Agents

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Free AgentsThe Comedy Showcase series on Channel 4 is a series of 6 one-off comedies showing the best of British talent. This week the programme was called “Free Agents” and starred Stephen Mangan (of Greenwing and Adrian Mole fame) as Alex and Tony Head (“The Prime Minister” in Little Britain and of Buffy fame) as his boss, Stephen.

Alex has been going through a divorce. He has left his wife and kids and finds that he has nowhere to live, so spends his nights on the office floor. He has a one night stand with his workmate Helen who are both left a little awkward after a night of “casual sex”.  Helen has images of her dead fiancé everywhere and talks of him incessantly, as it is approaching the one-year anniversary of his death. She definitely sees the event as a “one-off” although Alex is not so sure.

Alex is offered a room at his boss’s home but would much prefer to stay with Helen (on the settee) or on the office floor. His boss is a sex-crazed pervert and provides way too much information on his sexual preferences. Alex spends one night at his house and is shocked to find that he has a milky hot drink, watches a porn film and pleasures himself before going to bed – this is Stephen’s nightly routine.

The comedy is full of sexual innuendo and has a “will they, won’t they?” element to the relationship between Alex and Helen, as Alex tries to persuade her to let him stay on the settee. Helen says that she will let him stay as long as he represents her mother’s new toy boy boyfriend (he is an agent). The boyfriend turns out to be a mime artist who also impersonates a rabbit, but he is largely talent-less.

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