Coronation Street Round Up November 9, 2007

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Sean’s in a foul mood about being edged out of the role of father, and Marcus urges him too consult a solicitor to find out his rights.

Rosie’s enjoying making John jealous about Lee, but is not above a bit of jealousy herself when she sees John kissing Fiz. How long will she keep their affair secret?

Meanwhile, Fiz is increasingly convinced that John is having an affair with Sally, and enlists Kevin’s help to uncover the truth.

Claire decides she can’t live without her husband and is touched when Ashley presents her with a gold necklace.

David plays on Jason’s concern for him to distract him from his chores to get him into trouble with Sarah. But Jason could get himself into trouble after accepting a drink from Becky at the café. Spotting his chance to stir things up, David takes Jason’s phone and sends an incriminating message to Becky, who immediately responds.…

Without Jodie, Jerry is struggling to cope. He’s too busy to take up Eileen’s offer of a date and Jack and Vera arrive back to a messy house. He also fails to take an interest in Mel’s ambition to join the police force and is shocked when he discovers Kayleigh has been secretly going clubbing for months. Her accusation that he’s never there stings, and Jerry determines to make amends, even if it means putting his own love life on hold.

Elsewhere, Rita steers Doreen away from Norris and towards Ivor and George, but Norris is furious when he finds out, and Jack and Vera consider leaving Weatherfield for Blackpool.

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