Emmerdale Round Up

November 9, 2007 by  
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Debbie and Eli head over to the Dingle homestead to reveal the news of their relationship. An incredulous Zak tells them they must be mad and questions Debbie throwing her life away on Eli. Debbie insists that he’s wrong, but does she really believe herself?

Victoria confides in Jo about the bullying she’s endured at school since the fire. Jo promises to help Victoria get rid of her bully, and the pair set a trap for Danielle.

 Lexi is shocked when a face from the past, Lee, turns up in the village – and he has blackmail in mind. Desperate to keep her criminal past secret, Lexi resorts to blackmail herself to extort the cash she needs from Carrie, and when that fails, she steals one of the King’s goods trucks – unaware that Carl is in the back.

 Later, Scarlett learns the truth about Lexi and is even more upset to see Carrie and Jimmy kissing.

Sam panics when Samson mistakenly drinks from a glass of vodka left in the kitchen from Daz’s drinking binge the night before. 

Louise is desperate to get Jamie back, but would she really turn into a bunny boiler?

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