Neighbours Round Up November 9, 2007

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Kirsten puts her plan to kidnap Mickey into operation, but then gets cold feet. Instead, she and Ned discuss Mickey’s future, but with still no agreement on who should care for the lad it seems the issue may have to go before the courts, pitching Toadie against his old legal enemy Tim. Meanwhile, Kirsten is busy turning Mickey against his dad…

 Harold has a new charitable scheme: assisting ex-prisoners assimilate back into the community. He wants Steph’s support, but Lou and Toadie don’t want criminals in their backyard. Toadie has enough troubles in that department, when he finds his addict brother Stonie is living up to his name by falling off the wagon. Steph wins a seat on the local council, promising to make a stand to fight for the rights of families.

 Miranda and Steve are shocked when Riley reveals that he feels they’ve never really loved him, and he is determined to leave town. Luckily, his car fails to start, and Elle talks him into giving his adoptive parents another chance.

 Speaking of second chances, Elle may have one of her own if Ollie has his way. His decision comes at the cost of Carmella, whose dreams of raising a family with him are shattered – although the blow is softened when Ollie offers to buy a house for her and their child.

 Scheming Richard applies for a job at Declan’s new school, and it seems there’s nothing Rebecca can do to stop him. Paul’s efforts to help her backfire dramatically, leaving Toadie and Rosie to try to build a civil case against Richard – but will they succeed before a desperate Rebecca takes the law into her own hands?

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