Aardman tackles disabilities

November 12, 2007 by  
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Aardman Animations, the team responsible for Creature Comforts, are to tackle the issue of disability awareness and discrimination in a new advertising campaign.

A series of television, press and internet adverts are to be launched from next week featuring six comical plasticine characters all of whom are disabled in some way. 

The Creature Discomforts characters, which are voiced by disabled people, include Peg the Hedgehog, Flash the Sausage Dog and Slim the Stick Insect.

The campaign is being launched by Leonard Cheshire Disability to highlight the discrimination many disabled people face on a daily basis.

The charity’s director general Bryan Dutton said the ads will urge people to change the way they see disability in order to remove the “unnecessary social barriers that are created largely through ignorance”.

Meanwhile Aardman has created a new character called Hector for a free road safety DVD being launched by Texaco. The DVDs, aimed at children, will be given away with fuel purchases. 

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