Coronation Street Round Up

November 15, 2007 by  
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Fiz and Kevin trail their respective other halves and Kevin feels relieved and foolish that he doubted her Sally. 

Returning home, however, he almost catches John and Rosie in the act, but it is Fiz – so convinced that Sally is ‘the other woman’ that puts his mind at rest that John was ‘only’ with Rosie. 

John’s relief may be short-lived, however, as Rosie seems to be enjoying the danger of it all, and starts to abuse her power over him. 

Carla spends the night at Tony’s and later flirts with him on the phone – much to Liam’s chagrin, but he is stunned – as is Carla – when a woman slaps her and demands she stay away from Tony – her husband! 

Meanwhile, Maria tells Audrey she is pregnant and Audrey urges her to tell Liam, but she finds that difficult as Liam is preoccupied with his fears for Carla. Later, Liam decides to turn detective to find out more about Tony. 

Marcus drags Sean over to Violet. Sean swallows his pride and apologises for seeking legal advice and Violet assures him that she wants him to play a role in the baby’s life. 

There’s a new arrival on the street in the form Violet’s attractive and bubbly sister, Lauren, who is an instant hit with the men – including Sean. 

David continues to stir things, telling Becky that all’s not well between newlyweds Sarah and Jason. 

Steve receives a call from his dad, Jim, telling him he’s going to be released from prison. Steve agrees to pick him up, but keeps the news to himself. How will Liz feel when she finds out? And what will Jim’s reaction be to the news about Vernon and Liz’s forthcoming nuptials? 

Doreen receives proposals from all three of her suitors. Which will she choose?

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