Emmerdale Round Up

November 15, 2007 by  
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After Perdy finds a negative pregnancy test in the bin, she arranges to meet Matthew and confides in him that she’s now not sure that her marriage even worth saving. She offers to leave Grayson for Matthew, but later returns home to the news that Perdy is indeed pregnant. 

Matthew fears losing Perdy again, but he has other worries when the police question him about Rosemary’s disappearance. 

Miles tells Jasmine he’ll help with the story but wants payment. She urges Miles to fight Nicola but will she manage to persuade him to visit his father? 

Later, Jasmine is disappointed when she catches Miles drinking. Will he listen to her advice and sober up enough to fight Nicola for what is his? 

Marlon is increasingly jealous of Ross and Donna’s working relationship. When Ross’s girlfriend Kirsty arrives, Marlon perks up, but it seems she may not be the solution he had hoped for. Kirsty admits their relationship is rocky and Donna later urges Ross to end it. 

Marlon’s paranoia finally boils over into violence, but it seems Ross is more than a match for him. 

Doug and Hilary are bickering even as Daniel’s christening approaches, not helped when Doug accidentally spills red wine over the christening gown. They go to the factory to mak a new gown, but then Val and Pollard enter for a romantic rendezvous. Later, it seems Pollard may be serious about making an honest woman of Val. 

And is the Bishop about to make an honest woman of Emily? They have an announcement to make, but it may not be what the gossips are expecting…

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