Hollyoaks Round Up

November 15, 2007 by  
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When Mercedes’s pregnancy test is discovered, she admits she doesn’t know who the father is. Jacqui thinks that Mercedes’s pregnancy is the answer to her and Tony’s baby blues, but Tony is not so sure. Neither, it seems, is Mercedes – is she even going to have the baby? 

Tina doesn’t tell Dom about Pete, because she’s worried that it will ruin their relationship, but confides in Jacqui. Later, Tina offers to have a surrogate baby for Jacqui, but she hasn’t asked Dom what he thinks, and he’s not pleased. 

Rhys tries to help Gilly get together with Beth, but it’s obvious she’s only interested in Rhys. 

Zoe dumps Darren, believing that he is more interested in gambling than her. 

Jake is jealous of Nancy and Russ’s closeness as they prepare for her first day at work, especially when she tells him she’s agreed to go for a drink with Russ. 

Jessica ropes in Kris to help her with a video assignment. But Kris comes across evidence that suggests Jess has been cheating with her best friend’s boyfriend. Kris tells Jessica she will have to tell Zoe about her and Darren, with their conversation broadcast on radio after Kris inadvertently hits the ‘On Air’ button. 

Nancy opts for trendy attire for her job, but comes a cropper when Pete mistakes her for a pupil because of her clothes. Later, she offers to give Newt extra helps when she discovers he is dyslexic.

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