Neighbours Round Up

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Richard is knocked unconscious when Rebecca tries to defend herself. Later in hospital it seems Richard is dying anyway – unless he gets a kidney transplant. Astoundingly, Declan volunteers as a donor, but Rebecca forbids it. It is left to Oliver to step up to the mark. But both he and Declan only want Richard to live long enough for Rebecca to get her day in court. 

Steph’s first day at council doesn’t go well, but she finds an ally in Jackie, who lets Steph know that together they wield more power than Steph could imagine. 

Haunted by memories of the Lassiter’s fire, Paul seeks psychiatric help, but Elle doesn’t approve of the advice he is given. 

Kirsten realises Ned has forgotten his son’s birthday and lawyer Tim Collins urges her to work this to her advantage.  However, Janae comes to the rescue with Lou and Harold and an armful of presents just in time. 

Kirsten’s convinced by Tim to attempt to goad Janae into violence, which he can use as evidence of her unsuitable nature. A disappointed Toadie warns Ned to rein Janae in or risk losing Mickey forever. But it could be too late, as Mickey sides with his mum and the police arrive to caution Janae. 

Toadie is already struggling under his heavy case load in Rosie’s absence, but he manages to lure Diana Murray onside when she learns he is up against Tim. 

Pepper is diagnosed with type 2 cervical dysplasia. Her medical procedure goes well but the doctor reveals she must abstain from sex for a few weeks. Pepper fears this may drive Adam into the arms of his new female partner! 

Zeke persuades Bridget to stand up for her right to train with the boys but she is mortified when Miranda turns up on the touchline and can’t help venting her maternal spleen at her fellow footballers.

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