Coronation Street Round Up

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Liz is stunned when Steve reveals that Jim’s been released from prison, but is adamant that her wedding should go ahead as planned. However, it’s clear that Jim’s presence has unsettled both her and Vernon and with Jim’s assertion that he wants to be around his family, will everything go according to plan? 

Liam is loitering outside Tony’s house when Tony’s ex, Lindsey, approaches demanding to know what he’s up to. Unwittingly, however, she gives Liam the evidence he was looking for, and he dashes off to tell Carla. She blanks him, however, and in a fit of pique Liam marches straight into the salon and proposes to Maria. 

She is stunned by this apparent change of heart, as earlier Liam had been encouraging her to get an abortion. Will she accept? And what will Carla do now? 

Clearly, the sexual tension between her and Liam is at breaking point. But if it snaps, who else will get hurt? 

True love fails to run smoothly for Doreen, too, as Norris withdraws his offer and doesn’t want to get married. 

Elsewhere, new bookies Harry and Dan arrive on the street and lose no time chasing up debts starting with the £400 owed by Lloyd. And they are prepared to take drastic action to make him pay. 

Steve also gets off to a bad start with the new bookies when Harry attempts to steal his staff and Dan flirts with Michelle. 

David steals Becky’s phone to send flirtatious texts to Jason, and later steals Jason’s phone and casually hands it to Sarah, knowing she will look at it. 

Sarah refuses to believe Jason’s protestations of innocence, and then storms into the café to start a cat fight with Becky. Only when Becky swears she lost her phone days ago does Jason realise who’s behind it and he can prove it. 

Elsewhere, Violet reveals to Jamie that she lied about the loan. He’s angry and asserts they must pay Sean back as soon as they can. Will they be able to pay Sean off so easily? 

Ryan is convinced he is being followed, but will anyone believe him? 

Jerry’s kids look like putting the mockers on his relationship with Eileen, and Jack and Vera tell Paul, Molly and Tyrone that they’re leaving the street and moving to Blackpool. Will the news expose Paul’s financial shenanigans?

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