EastEnders Round Up

November 21, 2007 by  
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The Mitchells seem to be reaching meltdown as the extent of Peggy’s downfall sinks in and Phil is tempted to slip back into his alcoholic stupor. 

Meanwhile Ronnie worries about the contract she has had drawn up with Jack and a secret is revealed that drives a wedge between her and Roxy. When Ronnie also has a falling out with Phil she storms out of the Vic. 

Life is no happier at the Beales’, even with a birthday coming up. Steven starts to get competitive with Ian and their argument distracts Ian from Lucy’s desire for a birthday party so she issues invitations anyway. 

But even as Peter and Lucy’s birthday dawns, Steven is still causing trouble. He refuses to listen when Stacey tries to reason with him, and is acting like a time bomb waiting to go off…

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