Emmerdale Round Up

November 21, 2007 by  
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Miles and Jasmine grow closer in their common bond against Nicola’s wickedness. But David is convinced Jasmine is hiding Miles and cooks up a plot with Nicola, who finds Miles at hope and tempts him to drink. 

Even so, Jasmine’s article revealing the truth makes the front page, and not even Nicola’s panic buying of all the papers in the shop can stifle the truth. Rodney tells her he has finally had it with her and is moving out. 

In revenge, Nicola and David pay Miles a visit to make sure he is aware that Jasmine has mentioned he is a recovering alcoholic in her article. 

Nicola then seduces David just in time for Jasmine to see and there’s more bad news from the hospital. 

Meanwhile, Grayson is frustrated by the lack of progress in the hunt for his mother, but then Donna and Ross discover Rosemary’s car abandoned close to Manor Farm. 

The police search the farm and Matthew’s initial confidence falters when they turn up some evidence. Is he, as he claims, being framed? 

Elsewhere, Hilary and Doug return home to find their daughter Caroline has been staying in their house, but what is she doing there? 

Paul seeks comfort from Jonny and once again apologises. Could the wedding be back on the cards? 

Lisa makes it clear to her that she will never forgive Emily for taking Sarah away. But as the villagers gather for Emily’s leaving drinks in the Woolpack, Debbie arrives and buries the hatchet with her. 

Victoria is still being rude to Diane but Jack does his best to bring peace and goodwill to the Christmas plans. 

Chas and Lexi set up a store outside the church to sell their bionic bears, but later that day Terry and Duke are horrified to find their Christmas tree on fire. Who or what is to blame? 

Little realising just how much trouble she is about to cause, Katie tells Jonny about her surrogacy.

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