Hollyoaks Round Up

November 21, 2007 by  
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Long-suffering Tina always finds herself trying to please everyone and ends up getting abused. Dom has forced her to retract her surrogacy offer to Jacqui, insisting that if she is going to have a baby it has to be his. 

Meanwhile, at work, Pete’s sexual bullying continues. He confiscates her mobile after he sees her reading a text in the office, but his harassment comes to an abrupt halt when Russ walks in to find Pete touching her up. Russ immediately punches Pete, and gets suspended, which seems to annoy Dom more than Pete’s assault on Tina. 

Outraged, Tina walks out on and goes to find comfort at Russ’s door. One thing leads to another, however, and Tina is mortified when she wakes up to find Russ in bed beside her. 

Beth is doing well in her new job at Drive ’N’ Buy, but then the angry parent of a teenage girl accuses Neville of selling alcohol to a minor. 

Gilly and Beth get close, working at Drive ’N’ Buy, and Rhys is shocked to see them kissing.
A new stylist Niall is in town, and makes quite an impression on his first day at Evissa. Meanwhile, Louise and Warren find themselves deeply embarrassed by Zoe’s promo video for the new-look Evissa. 

Jessica is horrified to learn from Kris that her clothes have been strewn all over the village by Zoe. 

Danny and Justin are in need of some serious cash in the run-up to Christmas. 

John Paul takes exception to Kris’s blunt advice to a teenager who thinks he is gay, but hasn’t come out. When an offended Kris challenges John Paul to come to the studio if he thinks he can do better, John Paul accepts the challenge. 

Later, John Paul is amused by Elliot’s concern for his reputation when Myra assumes that he is John Paul’s new boyfriend as they set up a pirate radio station to sabotage Kris’s radio show. 

And hot patootie, bless my soul Summer has news for Kris about the auditions they attended for The Rocky Horror Show.

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