Neighbours Round Up – November 21, 2007

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Janae and Mickey’s rift looks set to cost Ned dear when they have to put on a united front for the Child Psychologist but Kirsten could be gloating too soon. In desperation, Kirsten abducts her own son, but almost gets them both killed in her haste to get away. 

Mickey, however, is more resourceful that Kirsten knows, and makes a desperate phone call to Ned informing him of his and Kirsten’s whereabouts. 

Toadie, Ned and Janae finally catch up with Kirsten at the bus station, but can they convince her to put Mickey’s interests first or even come to an amicable agreement? 

Elsewhere, Bridget is sick of Justin goading her but even sicker of Declan fighting her fights for her. She uses an abseiling excursion to prove that no boy can better her but the disagreement between the teens takes a terrible turn when Declan plunges to the ground! 

Paul scares Elle with his fear that he murdered a man, and makes a full confession to the police but will they believe him? 

Frazer receives his accident compensation money, and wants to buy a house and start a family. Unfortunately for Frazer, career-minded Rosie has other ideas. 

Pepper struggles with her enforced celibacy, and Adam’s partnership with Sophie only compounds her insecurities. Back on the beat, Adam’s first day goes awry when a backfiring car causes him to reflexively ‘save’ Sophie from the ‘threat’.  It only causes conflict between him and his new partner, who begins to doubt Adam’s readiness to return to the force. 

Meanwhile, Steve uses reverse psychology to subtly steer Riley back in the path of being a vet again, and the golfing rivalry between Karl and Susan steps up a gear.

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