Rodney leaves Croc Creek camp

November 26, 2007 by  
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Rodney Marsh has become the latest contestant to get the boot from the Australian jungle in this year’s series of I’m A Celebrity…..Get Me Out of Here!

The Manchester City legend was shown the red card after enduring 14 weeks on the reality show, over which time he managed to wind up a number of a his fellow contestants, most notably the PR guru Lynne Franks.

“I think it’s fair to say she did irritate me,” he admitted

“I despise everything she stands for… I acted like a five-year-old kid sometimes,” he added, “but what you see is what you get. Am I sorry about that? No I’m not.” 

Despite being well known for speaking his mind – a character trait he puts to good use in his current employment as a TV football pundit – Marsh’s antics have been overshadowed by the relationship between Marc Bannerman and Cerys Matthews, a fact he was quick to acknowledge.

“From the first time they met, you could tell there was something between them,” he said.

“They just seemed to get on fantastically, they just connected.”

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