Coronation Street Round Up – November 28, 2007

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Ryan’s stalker stops the car and addresses him by name. Ryan runs to the pub, but when Liam races out he is too late to catch the driver. Who is the man and what does he want with Ryan? Liam finds out when he escorts Ryan to school and pounces on the driver – who claims to be Ryan’s father! 

Michelle racks her brains trying to think why the stalker would make such allegations. Is there any truth in his story? 

This doesn’t help when Vera gets busy looking at properties by the sea, and Jack has to break the news that their budget is smaller than she realises.  

Sarah apologises to Jason for not believing him about Becky, but he’s angry at her lack of trust. When David comes in Sarah explodes, but Gail says as they clearly can’t live under the same roof one will have to go – and it’s Sarah! 

Audrey returns with Stephen, who suggests David lacks a fatherly influence. When David learns Stephen is wealthy with offices abroad, is seems Stephen might get the job.  David’s ploy works when Stephen offers him a place in his Milan office, although Gail is unsure and Sarah is livid. Steve suggests to Lloyd that they employ Jim as Streetcars’ valet. But can the ex-con be trusted not to cause any trouble? And how will Liz feel when she finds out? 

Paul confesses to a furious Jack that he’s taken a loan out in his name, but assures him that he’s on top of it and will pay it back.  

Rosie pushes her luck once more, flirting with John when he comes round for a lesson with Sally.

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