Emmerdale Round Up November 28, 2007

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Gray’s PI traces Rosemary to Miami where she is masterminding her revenge on Matthew. Gray decides to tell Matthew his mother is trying to frame him but changes his mind when he overhears Matthew and Perdy making plans for their future.   Later, Gray plants some false evidence inside Matthew’s car, and Matthew is arrested on suspicion of murder. 

Matthew sacks his solicitor, and Gray intentionally winds Matthew up. Matthew falls for the trap and lunges at Gray, who signals his intention to press assault charges. 

Paul confides in Nicola about his plans to leave the village with Jonny but she wastes no time in telling Rodney. Hurt to have been kept in the dark, Rodney tells Paul he’s made the wrong choice.  

Sarah goes missing but turns up at the police station. In spite of her excuses, Andy rails at Jo for her stupidity and worries that he has nobody to look after Sarah if he’s sent to prison.  

At court, Andy is ordered to undergo a psychiatric report. Despite this, and his obvious violent temper, Jo is delighted when he wants to set a date for the wedding. 

Jack still can’t forgive and forget and Diane confides in Val that her marriage is over, but is it?Scarlett wants to celebrate her 16th birthday with party. Carrie refuses, but Jimmy convinces her to allow Scarlett a few friends over at Home Farm. Victoria finds out and posts an open invitation online, with predictably chaotic results.

 Sam’s work and money situation is at rock bottom and he has to move into his old room. Loath to accept handouts from friends, Sam borrows money from Eli instead. 

At the cafe, auditions for Belle’s Christmas play are in full swing. Paddy and Rodney are selected as the ugly sisters, and Belle assigns herself the lead as Cinderbella.

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