Hollyoaks Round Up – November 28, 2007

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Jake is disappointed when Nancy scoffs at his idea for a naming ceremony for Charlie. And when she tells him that she’s going to give Newt extra tutorials, Jake packs his bags and leaves.

Later, however, Jake is pleased when Nancy dresses conservatively for Charlie’s naming ceremony, and Nancy is stunned as Jake produces a ring and proposes to her. But Steph notices something odd about the ring.

Darren’s loan shark tells him he will harm Zoe if he doesn’t receive his money. Desperate, Darren resorts to theft. Frankie discovers some of her jewellery is missing and  Jack is about to call the police when Darren suggests they search everyone’s room first, and makes an elaborate show of finding the jewellery in Newt’s rucksack.   Jacqui and Mercedes are stunned when Carmel tells them that the shop-lifting, fiddling with utilities and benefit fraud have to stop now that she is dating a cop. Later, new Police Community Support Officer Carmel sees Darren being mugged in broad daylight.

The reality of Ste and Amy’s dire financial situation hits home, and when Ste is unable to control his anger he loses his job. Ste and Fletch relax with some drugs until Amy unexpectedly returns, when Fletch panics and hides the bag of weed – Ste’s only source of income – in Leah’s nappy.   OB is excited when Summer asks him to help her read her lines and tells Simon that Summer is giving him definite signals.

Amy tells Michaela that she thinks Nige is dodgy, but when Michaela meets Nige she is smitten and slips into flirt mode.

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