Neighbours Round Up November 28, 2007

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Adam has decided to do some private investigation of the Gus Cleary case, to Paul’s grim satisfaction. Elle manages to unearth Gus’s sister’s address and Paul sets off to face the family of the man he believes he murdered… 

But Elle got the address from the newspaper office and Brad is soon on the case with an article about an ‘anonymous’ man having confessed to Gus’s murder without being charged, which shocks Ramsay Street – and outrages Elle.  

Oliver is served a writ from his AWOL brother Sebastian/Will contesting his stake in the Barnes empire. Oliver vows he’d rather sell everything but Tim freezes his assets.  

Important pre-exam test results are in, and the news is bad for Declan and Ringo. Rachel begs Ringo to believe in himself, encouraging him to study, but Ringo has an easier solution – he steals an exam paper. 

Declan and Bridget continue to challenge each other Ð it must be love – but it could all end in tears when they go for a joy-ride. 

Adam defends Pepper against his partner Sophie’s snipes. Impressed, Sophie secretly longs for a relationship like Pepper and Adam’s. But Pepper is beginning to feel threatened by Sophie, and at her dinner party Pepper’s insecurities peak when she thinks Sophie is flirting with Adam. 

Mickey’s down-hearted and Ned fears his son may be missing Kirsten, but Lou discovers the problem is a lot simpler than that. 

An awestruck Miranda is tongue-tied when she organises a book launch for her culinary hero, Tony Aristedes. The launch is a success and in return, Miranda asks Tony to help Steph impress fellow councillors.   Toadie decides it’s time to take the next step in his relationship and, unbeknownst to Steph, he invites their friends to Charlie’s for a very big announcement. 

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