Coronation Street Round Up December 4, 2007

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Sarah is still fuming about her uncle Stephen’s offer to David, and tells him not to bother packing as he won’t be going anywhere with Stephen. 


Sarah has started to drip poison into Gail’s ear by telling her she’s glad she won’t have to put up with his mood swings anymore and implies that they could be drug induced. Later, she buys some ecstasy tablets and slips them into David’s drawer at the Salon, priming Audrey to discover them. 


Michelle is on edge about Ryan going out alone but finally decides to let him return to school provided he is escorted to and from the premises. When Lloyd drops Ryan off, he spots the stalker’s car outside and follows it back to a house. As soon as Michelle is alerted she decides to go to the house and get some answers from the man who is stalking her son. She approaches the house but is stunned when she’s greeted by a 15-year-old boy who is the spitting image of her late partner Dean. Who is the boy and why does he look like Ryan’s dead father? 


Rosie is getting increasingly frustrated by her few furtive moments with John. She threatens to tell Fiz about their affair, and he suggests they go away for a night. Rosie’s appeased somewhat and when John calls her later to tell her he’s booked a room on Sunday night, Rosie promises he won’t regret it, but will he? 


Tony sends the staff home early to be alone with Carla, but Liam is furious when he finds out. But is he angry over Tony’s involvement with the factory or with his involvement with Carla? 


Elsewhere, Dan is shocked when he discovers Abi is a copper, but he still thinks he can make an arresting development, until they arrive back at his flat to find Harry has moved in after being chucked out by his estranged wife. 


Jim arrives at the pub to collect Amy and Vernon’s upset when he notices Liz and Jim getting on as he is reminded of their shared past. Is Vernon right to be so paranoid or will Liz and Jim’s shared history stay in the past?  

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