EastEnders Round Up December 4, 2007

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Sean is back and looking threatening. Stacey’s worried he’s going to ruin things for them. Carly finds him asleep in a car at the Lot and later, on a girls’ night out, Dawn bets Carly she will get back together with Sean. 


Billy hides the charity money and Honey is none the wiser, but Peggy is on to him. Later, Honey and Billy’s problems go from bad to worse when they are thrown out of their flat. It seems there is no room at the inn for them this Christmas – or is there? 


Steven, meanwhile, is trying to make it up to Ian and Jane, but with little luck. Jane is furious when she realises that Ian has told Steven what she has been through, and when Ian finally catches up with Steven he tells him some home truths. 


Abi has a new role in the school nativity play, but is beginning to behave like a diva, and Ronnie invites Jack to dinner with the family in the hope of sorting things out with Phil.



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