Emmerdale Round Up December 4, 2007

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Lisa is shocked to learn that Andy has asked Jo to adopt Sarah, and insists that Sarah already has a mother in Debbie. Meanwhile, Jo approaches Debbie and asks her about her feelings towards the adoption. Will Debbie’s reaction change Jo’s mind? 


Elsewhere, Val crashes Pollard’s car into another car. Rosalind, the lady in the other car, is a little shaken and Pollard invites her back to the pub for a drink. Rosalind admits all responsibility and it is clear that there is a spark between the pair. When Rosalind later offers herself on a plate, will a tempted Pollard cheat on Val? 


Jimmy demands money from Scarlett for the damage caused at her party, and Debbie offers to help by getting her a job. She also puts a word in for her with Daz. What is Debbie’s ulterior motive? 


Jimmy and Scarlett argue and Scarlett insinuates that she and Daz have slept together. Jimmy rushes over to the garage and hits Daz. Will Scarlett admit she was lying? 


Over at Home Farm, Eli spots Lily emerging from the polytunnel. She is forced to admit that she is growing cannabis and Eli demands half of her crop to sell, but Lily insists she only uses the drugs for medicinal purposes. 


Val chooses her engagement ring, but Pollard has a plan to save some dough. 


At the Beach BBQ bash in the Woolpack, Chas tells Diane that Lexi is planning on fixing the votes for the raffle. Diane is angry but waits until the results are being announced to punish Lexi. 


Meanwhile, over at the cafe, Viv is upset when her few customers make their way over to the pub, so she turns up at the pub with her bucket and guilt trips everyone into making a donation for her charity.  

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