Hollyoaks Round Up December 4, 2007

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A troubled Gilly is still fretting following his discovery at Simon’s house and decides that he has to talk to someone. Max proves a less-than sympathetic ear for his worries, but when Gilly realises that Simon is looking after Tom for the afternoon he is terrified for the youngster’s safety. It seems their is a reason for Simon’s odd behaviour however, as his wife explains when she turns up later in the week. By then, unfortunately it could be too late. 


Amy is looking forward to Leah’s first Christmas, but her festive spirit is dampened by their unwelcome guest, Nige. And Amy isn’t the only one not full of Christmas cheer. Tony is in a foul mood when Santa and the elves go on strike on the day of the toy appeal. Desperate for a replacement he enlists the help of Jack, Sarah and Nancy. 


Warren finds himself in the doghouse with Louise when she discovers he used The Loft to win The Dog. Darren is unable to bring himself to tell Jack he has lost his half of the pub to Warren.

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