Neighbours Round Up December 4, 2007

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Toadie’s gutted when Steph turns his very public marriage proposal down, but later Steph offers Toadie her heart up with some moving, personal vows. Steph and Toadie finally announce their engagement, but it is not quite the romantic vision Toadie had in mind. 

Stingray’s memorial wall is about to be repainted, and Steph is caught between her Erinsborough neighbours and the council’s decision. Declan and Bridget uneasy relationship continues to bloom, but when they take another joyride, they get involved in an impromptu drag-race with school nemesis, Justin Hunter. The pair end up being chased across town, and when they next meed Justin he challenges them to a real race, upping the stakes with their cars as the prize. 

Unfortunately, a third car enters the race – a police patrol car driven by Adam and Sophie. Declan and Bridget manage to escape but they are later ambushed by the police – and their parents – and Declan is threatened with jail. 

Rachel returns the exam to Susan’s briefcase, but Karl puts two and two together and confronts her with his suspicions. Covering for Ringo, Rachel stoically accepts first Karl’s then Susan’s recriminations. 

Ringo confesses, however, and accepts his punishment of suspension but hits the roof at the threat of Frazer preventing him from competing in the marathon. Later, Ringo and Rachel get intimate. Are they getting back together? And is it for the right reasons? Frazer and Rosie delay dealing with the compensation money again, but Frazer is tempted to ‘invest’ it in a sure thing a racing mate puts him onto. 

Laura’s shame at lying to Paul and Rebecca gets too much, and Nick has to push hard to make her try one last ploy for ‘justice’ – asking Paul for a big pay out. Elle’s misgivings about Laura only escalate and she sneaks into Laura’s hotel room where she overhears Nick and Laura reveal their true colours.  After Adam is distant with her, Pepper realises that their relationship has suffered after her attack on his partner Sophie. But when messed-up Sophie makes a move on Adam, Pepper decides enough is enough and tells all – the high school bulling, boyfriend stealing, the lot!  

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