Coronation Street Round Up December 11, 2007

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Christmas heartbreak looks on the cards in Coronation Street as Rosie gives John an ultimatum following their one-night stand. Rosie wants a proper relationship, and won’t take no for an answer. Either he tells Fiz what happened or she will. And the hapless John gets himself into further trouble on Christmas Day with a Christmas present mix-up. The sexy lingerie (clearly intended for a more petite woman) ends up with Fiz and the large pair of frumpy flannelette pyjamas ends up with Rosie. Fiz puts two and two together and makes five and storms over to accuse Sally of having an affair with John. And as the truth finally comes out, John finds himself in real trouble – not least at the hands of an angry Kevin.

Will Sarah and Jason be leaving the cobblestones of Coronation Street behind for the glamour of Milan? A scheming Sarah manages to get Stephen to offer Jason the job he was going to offer to David and the couple are soon planning to move away from the Street. But it seems that Sarah is more keen on la dolce vita than Jason (not least because it means she will have got one over on David, who has been unable to shake off her drug allegations). Will Jason ruin her best-laid plans?

Michelle is distracted as she wonders whether Ryan is her son or not. Unable to keep up her brave face any longer, she breaks down in Steve’s arms and decides that she needs to find a way to put an end to this. What will Michelle do?

Liz is upset when Andy calls to say he won’t be able to make the wedding. Vernon is getting angry at the amount of time Jim is spending around them. Meanwhile, Jim has some food for thought when Steve lets it slip that Liz had an affair. Will he make a play for Liz?

New Year

Liz has a serious case of cold feet as she gets set to wed Vernon – particularly with ex-husband Jim back on the scene. Jim has succeeded in wheedling his way back into her emotions, and on the morning of her wedding Liz breaks down and admits to Deirdre that she has been thrown into turmoil by Jim’s reappearance and is now wondering whether she’s about to make the biggest mistake of her life. Will she go ahead with the wedding or leave Vernon standing at the altar?

Elsewhere, Sarah and Jason are all set to catch the train on the first leg of their trip to Milan – until she admits that it was her who planted the drugs on David. A shocked Jason tells her she’s just as bad as David and leaves her standing at the station as he makes his way back to the Street to reveal the truth. Soon Sarah has to face up to a furious Gail.

The fallout from the Rosie – Fiz – John love triangle continues to be felt in the Street, with Rosie shunned by her family and Kevin due in court for his attack on John. Elsewhere, Carla has returned from her trip to Paris and is boasting about the possibility of going to the Maldives with Tony. And Michelle is getting increasingly worried about the DNA tests and is still keeping the truth about the stalker a secret from Ryan. As Ryan starts to ask uncomfortable questions, Steve urges her to tell him the truth.

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