East Enders Round Up

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’T’is the season to be jolly, unless you live on Albert Square of course, in which case it’s the season filled with bust-ups, heartbreak, revelations and recriminations – and this year proves no exception. At the top of the list for some unseasonal misery are newlyweds Stacey and Bradley. The couple are looking forward to spending their first Christmas together – until Stacey’s affair with Bradley’s dad Max finally becomes public knowledge on (when else?) Christmas Day. It isn’t long before fists are flying and bitter accusations being flung back and forth. As Stacey pours her heart out to Bradley, will he be prepared to listen to her?

It’s not all doom and gloom, however. Ian builds some bridges with Steven, even if it is at the expense of his relationship with Jane. And the Square’s carol singing is a great success thanks to some last-minute input from Shirley.

Yolande is thrilled with her festive surprise from Patrick – a course of driving lessons. All she needs now is a car. And Kevin has car troubles of his own, as Darren tells him how worried he is about the dodgy motors on the car lot.

Roxy wants a night out and pressures Jase into taking her out for dinner, while Jack decides to try and make it up to Ronnie and asks her on another date – until she tells him she’s already had another offer.

New Year

Kevin has the police on his trail over the cut-and-shut cars being offered up for sale on the car lot and needs to act quickly if he is to avoid a spell at her majesty’s pleasure. With Pat managing to put the police off the scent (at least temporarily) can he get rid of the evidence of the dodgy cars quickly enough to escape the clutches of the cops?

Elsewhere, Heather turns detective and tries to find out more about Vinnie (Bobby Davro), Ronnie has developed a crush on Jack, and Roxy gives Jase a hard time for treating her badly on their date. Phil gets a glimpse of someone special from his past, and Steven moves in with the Beales, although Jane is quick to let him know exactly what she thinks of him.

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