Emmerdale Round Up December 11, 2007

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Framed for a murder he didn’t commit, Matthew is looking at spending Christmas (not to mention the next 30 years or so) behind bars, unless he can convince the authorities of his innocence. That looks as if it’s going to be easier said than done given the evidence against him, but – as the unfortunate Matthew points out to visitor Perdy – all of the evidence could have been planted by a third party, and he’s got a pretty good idea who that could have been: none other than Perdy’s partner Gray. Soon Perdy has discovered some pretty damming evidence of her own, all of it pointing to Gray. Rosemary is alive and kicking, and Gray has known it all along. Will Perdy stand by her man, or act to free an innocent Matthew from jail? 

Elsewhere, a war of words breaks out as the villagers are struck down with food poisoning. Viv blames the Woolpack, while Marlon blames the cafe. It looks like Viv and Bob, and Marlon and Diane are going to go head-to-head, until the four realise that they purchased their meat from the same source – the Dingles. Is Shadrach responsible for bringing the village to its knees? 

The panto is hard-hit by the food poisoning outbreak. Belle is left desperately searching for last-minute replacements for key members of the Cinderbella cast. Will it be alright on the night? Over at the pub, meanwhile, Diane is determined to make Christmas Day one to remember, desperate for Jack and the rest of the Sugden clan to put the past couple of months behind them. Just when it looks as if relations are starting to thaw, however, there’s a knock at the door. Could Billy be about to hammer the final nail in the coffin of Jack and Diane’s marriage? 

New Year 

Scheming Nicola’s plan to bag a fortune from ailing husband Donald have already taken one knock, what with him inconveniently failing to die. However, Plan B – divorcing him in order to get her share of his millions – doesn’t look like faring much better either. As she reveals to disgruntled lover David this week, Donald suffered a brain haemorrhage on the night of their wedding and the marriage was never actually consummated. Before she can divorce Donald, she’s going to have to become a proper wife to him. Donald, meanwhile, is enjoying playing games with Nicola. When she gives him details of private nursing agencies, he says that she’s described what seems to be a perfect marriage so he would like her to be the one by his side day and night. 

On New Year’s Eve in the pub, Lexi and Chas are lamenting the lack of single men in the village – until the arrival of policeman Ross. The two vie are soon vying for his attention – which works rather too well as he ends up making dates with both of them. Paddy is shocked to discover what Ross is up to and warns him he won’t get away with it. And it isn’t long before Lexi and Chas are planning revenge on the cheating cop. 

Elsewhere, when slates fall from the church roof, Ashley pushes Turner out of the way, but instead of hailing him a hero Turner accuses him of knowing the slates were loose. And after getting hold of one of Donna’s police jackets, Eli, Zak and Shadrach get ready to go out and about collecting on-the-spot fines from unsuspecting members of the public. But is yet another Dingle plan about to end in disaster?  

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