Hollyoaks Round Up

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Tina’s offer to be a surrogate mum for Jacqui and Tony has given Jacqui new hope. Tony on the other hand isn’t so sure. He is worried about having his brother’s wife as a surrogate, and even more worried that Mercedes may reveal their secret. Later in the week, when Tina refuses to consider an abortion, Dom heads off to confront Tony.

Finding a dishevelled Darren slumped in her doorway, Jessica turns down his request for cash and board but when they spot a drunken Louise stumbling into Evissa they follow her in, and find £3,000 of Evissa’s takings. Jessica is soon feeling guilty about the money she and Darren stole from Louise, but he insists they are going to use it to make amends to Jack.

Elsewhere, Elliot arrives back after Christmas, but it’s clear something is troubling him. And Newt returns to the Osbornes’ to a warm welcome, an apology from Jack and a bracelet as a belated Christmas present.

New Year

It’s New Year’s Eve in Hollyoaks and in a final showdown with Warren, Darren looks on in horror as he discovers that all of his money has gone. Meanwhile, Jessica (Jennifer Biddall) heads out of Hollyoaks village in a taxi, £200,000 richer!

O.B. and Summer count down the minutes until midnight, and as the fireworks go off above them, will the unlikely couple finally reveal their true feelings?

Danny and Lauren’s mother turns up in the village and insists she’s come to stay, but Lauren is less than impressed by Valerie’s parenting skills. Valerie, however, is quick to establish herself in the village, much to the embarrassment of Lauren.

Fletch is desperate to get back in to Sasha’s good books and asks Josh for his help in getting in to The Loft, but Josh is still fuming over Fletch’s haphazard attitude to drugs.

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