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Kylie and The DoctorChristmas is not Christmas without something good to watch on the television and Dr. Who never fails to deliver.
This special one-hour  episode of Dr. Who was called “Voyage of the Dammed” and started with the Titanic going through the TARDIS and Dr Who exclaiming “What!!!?” The programme had a number of famous faces including Geoffrey Palmer, Kylie Minogue, George Costigan and Bernard Cribbins.

As he enters the Titanic, the Doctor comes to terms with strange Robot Angels and a red spikey faced dwarf named Bannakaffalatta (who is a cyborg). The Titanic is actually not a ship on the sea but is a space ship in orbit around the Earth (a level 5 planet). Titanic is part of Max Capricorn Cruiseliners. One of the  Robots  -The Heavenly Host –  tells Dr. Who that  the purpose of the cruise is to examine primitive cultures from Planet Sto. The Robots have a habit of going on the blink. – one has almost strangled a passenger whilst fixing her necklace.

Kylie Minogue plays Astrid, a put-upon waitress who becomes the Doctor’s side-kick and provides some love interest.

Mr Copper, a (false) Historian tells the guests they intend to visit that UK, which is ruled over by Good King Wenceslas; that human beings worship the Great God Santa and his wife Mary;  and that every Christmas Eve, people of the UK go to war with Turkey  and then eat the people of Turkey (like savages). A team visit the UK on Christmas Eve to find it is empty. London at Christmas is not thought to be safe as a Christmas Star electrocuted last year and there were space ships the year before.

They get back to the Titanic because of power fluctuations.  Meteoroids are heading towards them and there is no protective shield in place.  When asked whether the shielding has been checked, one of the Robot Angels quips “Information – you are all going to die!”

The ship becomes bombarded with meteoroids and has huge holes in it. Unfortunately, the TARDIS has left the Titanic and has locked onto the orbit of the Earth, and the Robot Angels are intent on killing people. There are reminders of the film, The Poseidon Adventure as some of the passengers, led by the Doctor climb to the top of the ship and use a defunct Robot Angel , whilst others try to kill them by taking off their halos and throwing them like deadly frisbees. Bannakaffalatta  and his fuel supply help to save the day.

When faced with a number of Robot Angels, the Doctor says he wants to ask 3 questions and wastes two of them before proclaiming himself a stowaway (and thus not able to be killed). He then says “Take me to your leader” – one of many comedic moments in the programme. The Doctor meets Max who consists of a human head wired up to a cyborg life support system.  The Titanic has just a small amount of energy left to stop it from crashing  into the Earth, but Max Capricorn is intent on destroying it.  Astrid gets into a fork lift trick and aims to push Max in to the gaping hole of the ship – which she does.

With Max dead , the Host Robots consider the Doctor to be their superior and transport him to the bridge of the Titanic – Superman style. However, it looks like the Titanic is on a collision course for Buckingham Palace and the Queen and corgis are seen leaving. With the Doctor at the wheel, the ship misses the Palace . He manages to bring Astrid back but just as set of atoms and kisses her so that she can travel forever, like fairy dust.  The Doctor takes Mr Copper down to the UK

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