Coronation Street – January 3, 2008

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There’s tragedy in Coronation Street as soap stalwart Vera (Elizabeth Dawn) makes her final bow. She and husband Jack have been planning to move away from the famous cobble stones to the bright lights of Blackpool, but fate takes a hand when a pre-move trip to the seaside town proves too much for Vera. A real tear-jerking episode sees the death of Vera Duckworth.  

Michelle is continuing to dodge telling Ryan the truth about ‘stalker’ Nick – leaving Nick to corner the lad and tell him that he is his real father and that he was swapped at birth. A stunned Nick demands the truth from Michelle, who admits that there’s a chance Nick could be telling the truth. She reassures him that he’s always going to be her son, no matter about the biology, but when Ryan discovers that everyone knew about Nick except him he is furious and storms out.  

Elsewhere, Maria gets busy with wedding preparations, and leaves Liam at the house to compile his guest list for the big day. However, boredom kicks in and he decides to go into work. Rosie is still having a tough time at school and when Sophie joins in with taunting her sister about her affair, Rosie snaps and a fight breaks out. And Tyrone is stunned when Molly tells him that because of their financial situation with the new house she thinks they should keep Paul on as a lodger. 

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