EastEnders January 3, 2008

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Dawn is a woman in demand in this week’s visits to Albert Square. Working at a corporate party at the club, the young mum finds herself the centre of both Garry and Jase’s attentions. It looks as if Jase will come out the winner as he and Dawn spend their first full night together, but is she taking things a bit too quickly? Meanwhile, Jase’s son Jay has a new set of undesirable friends. Could it have anything to do with the gangs swarming outside of Dot’s house and leaving her living in fear?  

It’s Masood’s silver wedding anniversary but Masood hasn’t planned anything. He hastily books a table at a restaurant and buys a last-minute gift, but his haste is sure to backfire.  

Elsewhere, Billy and Honey make a mess while staying at Pat’s, and Billy’s attempts to mend the situation just make matters worse. And it’s Phil’s birthday, but he and Jack are at loggerheads. Jack gets one over on Phil when he tells all those gathered about buying the Car Lot. 

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