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Drama on the dance floor leads to real life drama for Val this week. When Jonny blurts out Val’s secret in front of the other contestants at a rehearsal for the dancing competition, a humiliated Val rushes out and into her car. But her plans for a quick getaway come a cropper when she fails to notice Samson in the road and reverses straight into him. Panic erupts as an unconscious Samson is taken to hospital. And when Shane arrives to investigate the accident and discovers that Val has cataracts, he wants to know why she was driving at all.  

David begs Nicola to tell Donald about them and end their marriage. However, when Nicola confronts her husband, she is horrified when he pulls out an annulment petition. Reeling at being out-witted by an old man she’d presumed would be dead by now, Nicola is astonished when Donald says he doesn’t really want an annulment and confesses that she’s the only woman to ever challenge him mentally. Donald demands she finish with David and then they can try again. But will Nicola be willing to abandon her lover?  Elsewhere, Viv makes it clear she’s intent on evicting Debbie and, but Bob’s warning not to do anything stupid falls on deaf ears. And Perdy confides in Matthew she wants to spend some time with Katie to help her see where her best interests lie. 

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