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Tina is feeling suffocated when Jacqui wakes her up early with pancakes and pregnancy advice, but Jacqui refuses to take the hint. She continues to bombard Tina with pregnancy magazines, even though Tina’s mind is clearly elsewhere, thinking about Dom. But later, Jacqui pressures her to take a pregnancy test and Tina explodes, leaving the surrogacy looking even more uncertain.  

Warren’s presence in The Dog is causing a strain on the Osborne family, but Frankie demands a truce between him and Jack for the day as Newt’s social worker is paying a visit.  

Elsewhere, Mike is worried that he made a mistake with Zoe the night before. When Zoe guiltily insists that she should move out, Sarah begs her to stay. Rhys, Elliot and Zak secretly sign each other up for the upcoming Mr Hollyoaks competition, but there’s a last-minute entrant – Mercedes. 

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