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A tired Susan is heading for disaster as she gets behind the wheel of the car in this week’s visits to Ramsay Street. Annoyed to discover that the family have left to go to Rachel’s Advanced Literature orientation meeting without her, she races from the house. But when she falls asleep at the wheel for a few vital seconds, tragedy looms. Blinded by tears after a row with Declan, Bridget is struck by Susan’s careering car. And to make matters worse it looks as if Declan is going to get the blame when Mickey arrives on the scene and sees Declan’s car driving away in an apparent hit-and-run. 

At the hospital, the Parkers cling to hope – despite the fact that Bridget is unable to breathe without a ventilator. Is their any hope for their daughter? 

Elsewhere, Elle tells Paul of her concerns about Nick and Laura’s honesty and is outraged when he continues to give Laura the benefit of the doubt. And unable to put the embarrassment of her attempted kiss with Adam behind her, Sophie wants to end their working partnership. 

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