Coronation Street – January 9, 2008

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The shock of Vera’s death continues to reverberate around the Street this week as friends and neighbours gather at No 9 to pay their respects. Jack is finding it difficult to come to terms with the loss of Vera, and Tyrone is worried that he’s avoiding all talk of a funeral. But when the grieving Jack does finally get around to making plans, there’s an important decision to make – should he invite Terry? After receiving a condolence card from his ne’er-do-well son, Jack decides Vera would have wanted him there. But will Terry actually show up? 

A frantic Michelle rushes to the hospital after being told that son Ryan has been taken in after being involved in a road accident. Ryan has been on the missing list since learning that he may have been swapped at birth in a hospital mix-up. After getting into a fight with Alex – the boy he may have been swapped with – the duo have tumbled into the road and into the path of a car. 

Elsewhere, Liam and Carla leave on their business trip – and discover that a mix up has seen only one room booked in the name of Mr and Mrs Connor. Maria is furious when she rings her husband-to-be only to be answered by Carla and told that he’s in the shower.

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