EastEnders January 9, 2008

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Bad boy Jay’s recent behaviour has left a lot to be desired. The formerly well-behaved youngster has been mixing with the wrong crowd, as this week’s visits to Albert Square go to show. Under pressure from his newfound ‘friends’, Jay steals Dot’s keys and causes mayhem in her house. 

Roxy’s warnings to Ronnie about Jack have gone unheeded, but it looks as if she’s about to regret not listening to her sister. When she arrives at the club to find it locked, Ronnie tries to contact Jack but he ignores her. In desperation she borrows wire cutters from the local workmen and breaks in, only to find that Jack has hot footed it through the fire exit.

Elsewhere, Christian tries to inject some excitement into Jane’s life, and Dawn wants to launch her daughter’s modeling career.

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