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Delivering drugs for Eli was never Sam’s brightest idea. But giving a lift to policeman Ross while delivering his final package? That’s just stupid. When the nervous Sam’s erratic driving leads to a package of drugs falling out, Ross promptly arrests him for possession. A night in jail and the threat of a two-year prison sentence soon has Sam pointing the finger of guilt at Eli, and he isn’t the only one in trouble. Edna is mortified when the police search her house and find Lily’s cannabis stash, leading to yet another arrest.  

Carl is incensed when Matthew goes over his head and cancels the order for new refuse trucks. Taking his troubles to Jimmy, Carl becomes frustrated that he too agrees with Matthew’s course of action. With his hands tied in the business Carl tries a new approach and apologises to Matthew for over stepping the mark. But is Carl content to merely tow the line? 

Elsewhere, Mel and Jack share a tender moment while reminiscing over a box of photographs, but are embarrassed when Victoria bursts in on them. And at the Woolpack, Val is left fuming mad after trying to ease her anxiety over her forthcoming operation by smoking a cigarette. Donna reminds her that it’s against the law and stubs the cigarette out – only for Val to light up another. When Donna confiscates Val’s cigarettes she earns a thump for her troubles.

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