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A row between Nancy and Sarah almost has tragic consequences for baby Charlie this week. When Nancy and Jake return from their romantic weekend away to criticism from Sarah, Nancy loses her temper and throws a drink in Sarah’s face. It looks as if it’s the end of their friendship, but just to make sure Jake confiscates the phone when he leaves for work so that Nancy can’t call her to make up. So when Charlie starts crying and then slips into unconsciousness, Nancy doesn’t even have a phone to call for help. 

Mercedes offers to arrange an abortion for Tina. Later, Jacqui sees Dom and Tina holding hands and worries that Tina has chosen her marriage over her surrogacy.  

Elsewhere, John Paul plucks up the courage to ask the Dog’s new barman Robin out, O.B. encourages Summer to audition for a touring theatre company, and Danny is stunned when Hannah asks him when he’s taking her out.

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