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HonestThe first episode of the new drama series aired on ITV tonight. Honest is the story of the Carter family who are anything but honest and are used to living a life of crime.  Amanda Redman as Lindsay Carter – mother to twins Taylor and Vincent (Vin), Kacie and Lianna .

The programme starts with Vincent Carter and his friend breaking into a Chinese house. Little did they know that the female resident was a karate expert and she practiced her moves on Vin (who was badly beaten). They had burgled Mr Hong and taken a family heirloom. Unfortunately, Vin had left his balaclava at those house, complete with nametag. Mr Hong had evidence for the police and was also well connected with the Triads. Mr Hong wanted the sculpture back but unfortunately Vin had sold it. When he got it back, he managed to drop it!

It is an important day for the Carters. Father Mack was up in court for stealing a car which was used as a getaway vehicle for a bank job. He was sentenced to 4 years in jail, It was also the day of Taylor’s graduation from law school.  He was thought to be the only straight member of the family, but had lied at his interview. When told that the law firm were trying to increase their quota of minorities, he said that he was a Muslim.

Younger daughter Lianna had not been to school some time as she wanted to learn about the film business. She was blackmailing her deputy head mistress who had slept with her brother Taylor when he was 16. She had photographic evidence and threatened to send this to the Board of Governors unless she got what she wanted.

Kacie had delusions of being a model and thought she was the “next Naomi Campbell” only whiter. In need of money for promotion, she went to the Job Centre and asked for an advance.  She handed over her portfolio to the official who was found photocopying and distributing her photos. She threw a stapler at him and was accused of assault.

Grandad’s house had burned down and went to live with the Carters. He had been trying to dispose of his house for a while and also tried to flood it!

After hearing Mack’s sentence, Lindsay decided that all of the family would go straight and earn their money.  Lianna was sent back to school, Kacie started working in the local fish and chip shop and Vin had to do odd jobs for the Hongs. Honest has made a good start and looks to be an interesting series.

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