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The devastated Parker family are by their daughter’s bedside as Bridget’s life hangs in the balance following last week’s road accident. After stabilising her following a seizure, doctors warn parents Steve and Miranda that every minute Bridget remains unconscious reduces the chance of her recovery. A devastated Susan, meanwhile, is still coming to terms with being responsible for the accident. Miranda is furious when Susan sends her flowers, and the next morning the Kennedy household become the victims of a sudden, unprovoked attack. 

Elsewhere, Declan is being held in a caravan by Nick and Laura as the kidnap ordeal continues. Paul has already gone to the police, leaving Rebecca and Oliver frightened that Nick will be provoked into harming Declan. As Nick contacts Paul to outline his demands, will Paul give in? 

Later in the week there’s news from the hospital where Bridget has come out of her coma. But Miranda’s joy over her daughter’s waking up quickly turns to despair. It appears Bridget isn’t out of the woods yet.

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