Fairy Tales – Rapunzel

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Charity WakefieldRapunzel is the first programme from a series of modern twists on fairy tales. She is a British tennis star with long golden hair. She visits Russia (where she was born) and at a press conference says that she will never cut her hair as she is superstitious and thinks it would stop her winning.

Jimmy is a failing tennis player in Russia. At a drugs test, he discovers that he has a lower than normal level of testosterone and his father has the idea of making Jimmy a tennis champion by entering him in the women’s competition of the British Tennis Open. With a short red wig and plenty of make-up, Jimmy calls himself Martina and enters the competition. He is due to meet Rapunzel in the fourth round. Jimmy’s father is in debt and needs “Martina Stojkovic” to get to the quarter finals  for the prize money.

Rapunzel has a very strict mother and is found by her in the toilets with a male competitor. Martina pretends that he is actually her boyfriend. She befriends Rapunzel and becomes her tennis training partner. She lives in an extremely large mansion which is patrolled by guards. As in the fairytale, Rapunzel sits by her bedroom window and lets her hair down in the hope that a man will get to the balcony and climb up her hair. She would then fall in love with him. Jimmy decides to give this a try by climbing the drainpipe to the balcony. He asks Rapunzel to let her hair down a bit more, she screams and he runs off, setting off the alarms. She tells Martina (Jimmy has managed to don the wig and get back to bed in the spare room) that the man she saw was a rapist. Rapunzel asks to sleep in Martina’s bid and admits that she wishes Martina were a man. The pair kiss and Rapunzel later admits she has feelings for Martina. Unfortunately, a photograph is taken by one of the commentators and Rapunzel’s mother is blackmailed.

Rapunzel’s mother grabs hold of her hair in a fight and Rapunzel cuts it to get free. After the scandal hits the press, Rapunzel and Martina play the 4th round tennis match. Rapunzel does not play her best tennis and allows Martina to win. At the interview after the match,  Jimmy reveals that he is a man and receives an on-air punch from Rapunzel. There are further revelations when Jimmy’s rfther says that he was neither kidnapped nor heavy in debt.

The story ends 12 months later, with Jimmy at the top of his game. Rapunzel visits him and he admits that he is in love with her. All good fairytales have a happy ending.

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