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Al MurrayIf you are a fan of Harry Hill’s style of comedy, then you will love Al Murray. In Al Murray’s Happy Hour, he appears as the chauvinistic and proud Brit, The Pub Landlord. He believes that Brits are superior to others with his catch phrases such as “”Where would we be if we did not have rules? France. Where would we be if we had too many rules? Germany.”

The programme follows a chat show format with guests and a guest band covering a Queen song (as the Landlord is a big fan). This week the guests were James Blunt (who was teased relentlessly for being “posh”), jungle lovebirds, Cerys Matthews and Marc Bannerman and landlady of the Queen Vic, Barbara Windsor.

James Blunt was a surprising guest as he demonstrated that he has a self deprecating style and has a deadpan sense of humour. He can also do a pretty mean impression of Carry On star, Kenneth Williams.

The Pub Landlord was a big fan of Barbara Windsor and had childhood fantasies of her bra flying off during the film, Carry on Camping. He decided that he and his guests would have their very own Carry On film, in which James Blunt said “Oooh I say” and Barbara bent down to pick up a dropped sausage. We were also treated to a great performance Cerys singing “Don’t Stop Me Now”, a song not quite in her vocal range, but she sang well and was joined by the Landlord.

The Pub Landlord’s style is to tease his guests  rather than insult them and he did this when asking Cerys and Marc whether their romance was genuine or not. He also teased the audience (it is not advised to sit in the front row).  Al Murray’s Happy Hour lives up to its name.

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