Extreme Dreams with Ben Fogle

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Ben FogleJust as Ben Fogle’s programme Animal Park has finished, he popped back onto our screens with Extreme Dreams. He intended to take a team of people with him on an expedition and on a snowy day, asked 8 people to find him and meet him somewhere in the Brecon Beacons in Wales.

The 8 people were hardly prepared, as most had quite heavy suitcases and needed to trek through the snow to meet Ben. They were asked to work together as a team and eventually arrived an hour and a half later. All of the contestants wanted an “Extreme Dream” for differing reasons, such as being an underachiever, wanting to prove their love to a family member or feeling like a failure. When they met Ben, he explained that the snow of Wales was good training for the eventual trip, which was trekking through mountains in Nepal to a secret lake. However, only 4 of the 8 would go to Nepal.

Acouple of challenges were set for the group as they were split into two teams – yellow and red.  The challenge was to collect red or yellow ribbons and was a race.  However, the teams also needed to transport someone who was injured. One team carried the injured party and were slowed down by this action; whilst the other team dragged the person on a stretcher. They also faced a morale dilemma as a 4 x 4 car was placed at a roadside, with the keys in the ignition. One of the teams had no qualms about driving the car to the destination.

The second challenge was to build a wigwam frame and tent – but one of each team wore a blindfold, one had earphones and one was gagged. At the end of the challenges each of the 8 had to sell themselves and say why they should go to Nepal.  Ben and his panel whittled down the 8 to 4 people.

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