Coronation Street Round Up – January 16, 2008

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Jack is in a panic as the day of Vera’s funeral dawns in the Street. The grieving husband wants to do the right thing by Vera and make a speech at her funeral, but the thought of speaking in front of the whole congregation is giving him the shakes. Still, at least he’s got the ‘support’ of ne’er-do-well son Terry, who arrives back in Weatherfield for his mum’s funeral, promptly parks his car in the space reserved for the hearse, fails to recognise his own son Paul, and tries to talk Jack out of selling the house to Tyrone so that he can safeguard his own inheritance. As the locals gather for the funeral, can Jack put his nerves behind him to give Vera a fitting send-off?

Michelle is unable to stop thinking about biological son Alex, but feels guilty after going to meet him and introducing herself as his mum. Panicking after receiving a phone call saying he wants to see her, Michelle hurries the lad into the backroom of the Rovers on his arrival and although she knows she should tell him to go she’s transfixed by how much he looks like his dead father Dean. Michelle is terrified that Steve and Ryan are going to walk in any minute. How will Ryan feel when he finds out his mum has made contact with her biological son?

Elsewhere, Maria is delighted that Liam came home early from his business trip believing that he really couldn’t bear to be apart from her for one night. However, Maria soon lets her know that he didn’t return for the reason she thinks. And Jason is still feeling depressed about Sarah. Will he swallow his pride and go join her in Italy?

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