Emmerdale Round Up

January 16, 2008 by  
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Things don’t get any better for Sam this week, as he comes under increasing pressure from the rest of the Dingle clan to take better care of Samson. After being told that Sam has been taking Samson to work on the farm, the concerned family intervenes. A huge family row ensues and Sam storms out. After Shadrach informs him that Zak and Lisa are considering temporary custody of Samson, Sam panics and decides to flee, taking his son with him. Shadrach supplies him with a gun for emergencies. Things soon escalate when David catches sight of Sam and the gun and informs the police. Has the Dingles interfering lead to them losing their both their son and grandson forever?  


Attraction begins to blossom between Gray and Katie as they rearrange the house to make room for the coming baby. Relaxing at Mill Cottage, Gray admits how important she has become to him, and the Katie responds by kissing him. The moment ends in a confession from Gray, and Katie finally learns the truth about Perdy’s blackmail.  


Elsewhere, Val is working herself up into a frenzy about her impending operation. As the day of reckoning approaches, she shocks everyone when she agrees to join Viv’s charity aerobics display. She later admits to Diane that her operation is the same day as the fundraiser. Will Val’s flight of fancy come back to haunt her?  

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