Neighbours Round Up January 16, 2008

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Bridget successfully pleads her case to be discharged from hospital, but soon starts to feel suffocated by her parents’ excessive attention and offers of help. She reaches breaking point when Miranda and Steve start to discuss home care options.  Determined not to live out life in a wheelchair, she tries to speed up her own recovery. Toadie breaks the news that Susan’s guilty plea at her committal hearing will most likely land her in prison driving a desperate Karl to plead with the Parkers. He tries to convince them to forgive Susan and to encourage her to change her plea to not guilty. Can Miranda be swayed?

Elsewhere, Declan refuses to accept his counsellor’s diagnosis of post-traumatic stress, and lies to Rebecca about how well he’s coping in the aftermath of his kidnapping. He returns to Nick and Laura’s caravan and attempts to burn it down. Oliver arrives in time to confront him and helps his brother face his demons.

Jake begins to make a full recovery, but Mickey continues to punish remorseful Janae for accidentally poisoning him. Despite Ned’s efforts to resolve the conflict Mickey remains unforgiving – until he unwittingly makes a mistake and realises how easy it is for accidents to happen.

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