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TorchwoodThe second series of this Dr. Who spin off has been promoted from BBC3 to BBC2. The end of the first series featured the head of Torchwood, Captain Jack Harkness, almost dying after an encounter with aliens, but then leaving his team when he heard the noise of the TARDIS.

The opening credits said that the new series was punchier, pacier, funnier and it started off well , with Gwen from the team asking a lady who had just crossed the road “Have you seen a blowfish driving a car?” and the lady points and says “Bloody Torchwood”.

For those who have not seen it before, Torchwood was mentioned several times in Dr Who and has evolved into a team of people who are on the lookout for aliens. The programme is set in Cardiff, which is where a rift in the space time continuum has formed. The team consists of Toshiko ( Technician), Owen (a doctor), Gwen (an ex-cop) and Ianto (administrator), led by Captain Jack.

In this opening episode, Jack returned after the blowfish was getting nasty but he had to explain why he disappeared (he went to the Doctor). However, a man dressed in a red military jacket (like the ones worn in the 19th century) dropped a man off a multi-storey car park, headed to a bar and appeared in hologram form to Jack. Jack met him in the bar and they kissed passionately before fighting and ending up in a bar room brawl. Captain John Hart and Captain Jack Harkness knew each other from working in the Time Agency and from being lovers. John is similar in many ways to Jack in that he is multi-sexual.

John has come back apparently to find some radiation cluster canisters (he is actually in search of an Artesian diamond). Jack warns Gwen about him, but she is kissed by John and becomes completely paralysed as they try to find the canisters. John also injures Owen and pushes Jack off a tall building (believing that he has killed him).

When John thinks he is going to find the diamonds , he sees a hologram of the woman that he murdered and a tiny gadget is clamped onto him (with orders to blow up and kill the person that murdered her). However, John cufflinks himself to Gwen and the only option that they have is to find the rift and enter it. In the nick of time, Owen injects John with a mix of blood from the team (thus the DNA is not pure and the gadget can not latch on). When released from the cufflinks, Gwen land John with an almighty punch! A fabulous start to the new series of Torchwood!

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