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Harry HillHarry Hill is one of those comics that you either latch on to immediately, grow to enjoy his sense of humour or spend time in blissful ignorance wondering why something was funny. His live show is something to behold, where he sets up a lot of jokes, leaves you in bewilderment and then rattles off all of the punch lines one by one.  His humour is formulaic in nature with in-jokes and references and it is easy to see why he and fellow comedian/writer, Al Murray got on so well.

Harry Hill’s TV Burp is the perfect show for Harry to demonstrate his humour as he looks back on a week in television and makes funny observations. The soaps, such as Coronation Street and Emmerdale are favourite candidates for him to rib, as the characters have a gift for stating the obvious or over-acting.  Harry normally presents a clip and then provides his own observations in an off-camera way. There is usually a mock fight on the show such as that between a goose and a turkey in deciding which is best for Christmas. The show also has some sort of “TV highlight of the week” which is normally a highlight that has never taken place before and will not be repeated, such as,  “TV High Voice of the week” . Harry himself is of fond of dressing up too.

The show is not for the feint hearted or easily offended – for example, the programme featured a Tiny Mother Theresa and the double act of Shane McGowan performing “Fairytale of New York” with a whale (which was in poor taste).
Harry Hill’s TV Burp has just started its 7th series and is well worth watching if you are a tv fan.

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  2. Abigail says:

    Dear Harry Hill,
    I always watch your TV burp and I try NEVER to miss it. I thought the funniest thing you have done one is your impression of Christian smiling in Eastenders. I laugh and laugh at it.
    You are the FUNNIEST person on TV.
    (your NO.1 fan!)